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Mousse bedding

Mousi bedding is now well known brands of home manufacturers, was established in 2004, after 10 years of development, from a local private enterprises in Dongguan developed into an internationally renowned brand enterprises, selling products at home and abroad.

In 2013, in order to expand the international market, mousse bedding started to develop a new generation of high-end bedding, but encountered in the development process of the threshold. Prior to this, mousse bedding using a composite process for the artificial spray adhesive compound. Artificial glue compound process, is the traditional composite processing methods, the operation of the technical proficiency and focus on the high degree of professionalism. At the same time, there are still a series of defects such as low efficiency, bad control of glue quantity and unstable pressure, which directly affect the quality and production efficiency of the glue spray adhesive, and also affect the further development of the mousse bedding.

Mousse decided to improve the bedding composite processing technology, began to find in the market to meet the needs of the complex machine. After some inspection and screening, and ultimately chose to Chau Tong Machinery (former General Assembly machinery) for cooperation.

Mousse bedding in order to Chau-order machinery and equipment in the process of discovery, although Chau-Machinery has more than one hundred standard composite machine, but these models can not fully meet the Mousi bedding personality needs. Mousse bedding complex leather need all "irregular bulk material", and most of the leather material, expensive, completely do not apply to the conventional laminating machine required "roll material", which means that the continent Through the mechanical adjustment models, tailored for the Mousi bedding for a composite "irregular bulk material" of the home material composite machine.

After some research and transformation, Chau-pass machine in the standard model LD-004A1Water plastic composite machine on the basis of the Mousi bedding to create a can not only meet the irregular lump of dermal composite, but also to meet the composite roll-specific materials Composite machine, and according to the actual situation Mousi bedding to save labor design, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. After the machine is done, the mousse acceptance team with the material to Chau Tong company test machine inspection, the results Mousi team is very satisfied with the machine acceptance once.

However, the machine in the delivery process and encountered a new problem: workshop entrance hoisting height is not enough! Mousi bedding composite workshop entrance height of only 2.8 meters, while the alone on the LD-004A2 composite machine height, it has reached 2.65 meters, in order to obediently put this monster "off the refrigerator", lifting height of at least 3.2 meters . Mousse bedding again to seek the help of Chau Tong Machinery, Chau Tong Machinery sent technical staff to Mousi bedding compound workshop, after a terrain exploration and calculation, and make appropriate adjustments to the machinery, and ultimately help Mousi bedding firmly The machine is in place.

After the successful installation of the machine, taking into account the staff of the MUS company operating complex machine is not proficient, Chau Tung machinery and specialized technical staff to send to Mousi bedding production site for the team to explain the complex machine works on how to operate the machine , How to control the technical indicators and other aspects of the system training.

LD-004A2Water plastic composite machine, which is specially designed for Mousse bedding, effectively solves the problems encountered in the composite process of Mousse bedding, ensures the high efficiency and quality stability of the composite process, and makes its new generation high-end Bedding R & D and production to proceed smoothly, which won the trust of Mousi bedding.


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