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Amway shares

Anhui Amway Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Amway shares) is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange enterprises, was established in 1994, the field of synthetic leather in China is a leader in synthetic leather research and development, materials, foam, synthetic, Etc., the process is mature and experienced.

As a leading enterprise in the field of synthetic leather, in order to meet the market demand, better service to customers, Amway shares in its original production line on the basis of additional composite processing production line, as its business expansion and improvement.

In 2013, in order to buy composite equipment construction production line, Amway Group sent a team to the country to conduct an inspection and open tender.

At that time the phenomenon of domestic composite machine market is widespread, some well-known manufacturers to do a very large machine, the function is very complete, of course, the equipment price is high, but many functions are not necessarily practical for the user. In the face of Amway shares of the tender, many complex machine manufacturers have made large and complete programs and quotations, relatively speaking, Chow Tong Machinery to Amway shares of the program is really a lot. After Amway's rigorous screening, Chau Tung Machinery and the other two composite machine manufacturers stand out from more than 30 peers into the next round of competition.

Out of prudence, Amway shares sent technical team to Chau Tong company to inspect. Chau in addition to actively cooperate with the unit, but also take the initiative to lead the investigation team to the Chow Tong composite machine users of the production site for a more in-depth inspection and exchange, Amway shares completely dispelled concerns and concerns, the establishment of bilateral cooperation Confidence, and finally reached a cooperation intention.

LD-064B1 Garment Cloth Compound Machine, which is tailor-made for Amway Corporation, has a series of breakthroughs and innovations in the field of laminating machine: The newly designed glue-up structure greatly facilitates the application of the upper and lower rubber rollers. Replacement; specially designed for the PU glue scraper, supplemented by sophisticated fine-tuning device, making the glue is more uniform, more accurate transfer of plastic; new design of the edge trimmer and edge material recycling device, without manual operation, greatly reducing the operator Of the labor intensity; new synchronization system that can achieve a key speed and tension-free effect of any speed, an excellent guarantee of the machine's handling performance and product quality.

After the completion of the machine assembly, Amway shares once again sent technical team to acceptance. After a series of tests, such as empty machine operation, feeding test machine and so on, the acceptance team is very satisfied with the overall performance of the machine, the only drawback is that Chow Tong Machinery in the machine's safety protection has done a little lack. Later, Chow Tong Machinery in accordance with the requirements of Amway shares in a number of parts of the machine to install a special protective cover, so that the whole machine to achieve a higher level of protection effect.

Chow Tong Machinery flexible and professional and efficient, and fully won the trust of Amway shares in this machine into production a year later, Amway shares and Chau Tong Machinery again to the Chau ordered the second composite machine production line and a Approved peripheral equipment, greatly improving the Amway Corporation's composite processing capacity, Amway shares for the rapid development of full strength.