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St. Connaught Union Holding Group

Founded in 1986, the mainland is headquartered in Tangxia, Dongguan, in order to produce high-quality household products based industries, including pillows, mattresses, Shuxu Pressure products and massage chairs, the products are exported to the world.

San Connaught Union set up in Dongguan Tangxia Industrial Park, the main production of various kinds of sponge products, these products need to go through a complex processing (also known as paste processing) process. Early, St. Union's main processing outsourcing to take the way to complete the processing. Later, with the continuous growth of business and the rapid development of enterprises, outsourcing this approach has been unable to meet the needs of production, to this end, St. Connaught Group decided to self-built composite processing plant, their control of the complex processing of the initiative.

In 2008, San Connaught Union began to many domestic manufacturers of complex machine inspection and screening. At that time, due to the high domestic steel prices, some industry peers in order to reduce costs, have to cut material, reduce the configuration of the production of composite machine, the most typical approach is to 72 kg GB channel changed to 58 or 62 kg Non-standard channel, the main motor to 5 horsepower to 3 horsepower ... ... and so on. In contrast, Chow Tong Machinery because it insisted on using GB channel, high-profile components to produce composite machine, won many praise and recommendation in the industry. After a deep investigation and evaluation, the research team of Sancon Group agreed that Chow Tong's compound machine products have obvious advantages in terms of material selection, configuration, structure and technology, and is a trustworthy partner. This year, Shengnuo to Chase Machinery purchased a standard LD-002A1Sponge compound machine.

A year later, St. Nordson adjusted product specifications according to market demand, material width from the original 60 inches to 100 inches wide. The face of the new materials, the original composite material can only be half-cut after the compound, but the product requirements and can not accept the material after the cut and then cut up, therefore, can only find a widening of the composite machine To meet the challenges. Because of the early cooperation, St. Connaught Union to find directly through the company, I hope Chau Tong Machinery for its design and manufacture of an ultra-wide composite machine.

In the face of the ultra-wide requirements of St. Connaught Union, Chau Tung Machinery can not be taken lightly, because they know that the standard size of the product is best to do, but to do more or smaller, will greatly increase its manufacturing difficulty. And to process 100-inch materials, the machine's wheel surface width of 2.8 meters, which 2.8 meters, than the standard model of the wheel width of the entire width of 1 meter. The width of the machine increases, the other parameters of the machine will change accordingly, such as the rack will be too much because of the deformation of the span, the plastic wheel and the scraper will be too long because too much deformation caused by uneven plastic, and so on , Which will directly affect product quality. In response to these problems, Chau Tung Machinery sent the most senior engineer to play the important task of gathering the company's technical strength, to overcome a technical difficulties after another, the final delivery of the machine on time to St. Connaught Union. As a result of the prevention of design and manufacturing sectors properly, the machine delivered to the Holy Connaught after the use of quite smooth, for the production of new products on the Connaught League to provide a strong guarantee.

2011, in the face of national and consumer demand for environmental protection continues to increase, St. Connaught Union also need to continuously improve the production process of safety and environmental protection requirements, especially in the composite processing link in the glue composition. St. Connaught Union to find the company once again Chau, Chow Tong Machinery according to St. Connaught Union recommended a flame compound machine, because the flame compound machine is the use of flame on the surface of the sponge to produce adhesives to carry out the complex, the whole does not need Glue, is currently on the market one of the most environmentally friendly composite process.

Shengnuo adopted the recommendations of Chow Tong Machinery. But the problem ensued, the flame composite requires independent production space, an independent gas room, the need to lay the gas pipeline, need to build smoke system, these Shengnuo Union are inexperienced. Fortunately, Chau-mechanical in this area has a wealth of experience. In the spirit of dedication to the principle of solving problems for customers, Chau Tung Machinery sent technical team to the site for the San Connaught Union planning production sites, planning the gas room, build the wall, laying gas pipes, training operators, etc., Shengnuo UNITA flame composite production line successfully put into operation.