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Nanliang Group

Nanliang Group is a well-known Taiwan-funded enterprise, established in 1972, has 50 years of development history, business across the Taiwan Strait, around the world, is a nearly 60 entities of transnational corporations. Including sports and leisure, outdoor activities and security products is its business focus.

Nanliang Group, many enterprises in the nineties to enter the Chinese mainland, most of them established in Guangdong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, to 2004, because of business development, Nanliang began in Dongguan Liaobu building their own industrial park, at the same time , Located in the factory complex in Guangzhou, also need to replace the machine. As a Taiwan-funded enterprises, Nanliang Group also has the same Taiwan-funded complex, is more preferred with Taiwan-funded enterprises, preferring to buy Taiwan, Japan, Germany and other countries and regions of the machinery and equipment.

The summer of 2004, the head of Nanliang Group in Liaobu inspected the site of the process, through the Chau Tong Machinery (former General Assembly machinery) in front of the machine to see the Chau Tong workers are assembling complex machine, then approached Visit, when he saw Chow Tong Machinery production of composite machine in the selection, configuration, structure, technology and Taiwan are produced by the same machine, there will be a further understanding of the idea. After in-depth exchanges, he also found that Chau's technical staff of the composite machine of the technology research and mastery have reached a very professional level.

First meeting, we hit it off. Nanliang Group has a large number of entities in Guangdong enterprises, and most of the physical enterprises have complex processing production lines, before the need for repair or modification of these complex machines, machinery manufacturers from Taiwan are required to send technical personnel to Guangdong to deal with, time-consuming effort Money, if you can find in Guangdong with the same quality and strength of the machinery manufacturers to match, it greatly facilitated. The key is: Chau Tong competent?

Since then, Nanliang Group began to arrange some maintenance and modification projects to Chau to pass, and Chau every time the letter to complete the task, so that the company is quite worry Nanliang. Soon after, for the needs of the plant in Guangzhou, Nanliang Group began to order machinery through the first multifunctional machine. After the machine was delivered to the factory in Guangzhou, after a period of observation, Nanliang Group found that Chow Tong Machinery's composite machine, regardless of machine performance or composite quality, and after-sales service, surpassed their expectations, fully equal to Taiwan-funded enterprises Level, so that they do not have to worry about. As a result, in the subsequent industrial park in Dongguan, equipment procurement and procurement of equipment in Guangzhou factory, have chosen Chau-mechanical products.

With the help of Chow Tong Machinery, Nanliang Group's market share is far ahead in the field of SBR (sports protection products), and its market share is more than 30%. At the same time, in the South-led companies, other Taiwan-funded enterprises such as Nande, Guangde, Hongyi, South Friends of the relationship between Taiwan and Taiwan enterprises have also thrown orders, Chau-mechanical products and services. Chau-machinery to perfect the technology, quality products, and thoughtful service, and ultimately won the trust of Taiwan-funded enterprises.


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