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        Dongguan  ZUTO  Machinery  Co.,  Ltd.  is  a  professional  company  engaged  in researchdevelopment and production of compound machinery and its related equipment.

        Base on our eighteen years of experience and  refer to overseas and  domestic advancedtechnology, our company has developed a series of technically advanced and high performancecompound machinery and the related products, while winning the trust of our customers and a good reputation in the filed with its quality services. At present, our company's products are soldto major provinces and autonomous regions in China and SoutheastAsia, the Middle East, SouthAmerica, Europe and other regions. The products are widely used in industries such as textiles,clothing, footwear, leather goods and textile.

        Aiming at "enhancing the labor efficiency of compound trades", our company will pay more attention to customer needs and inadequacy in the industry, and input much more in R&D and

innovation so as to provide more accurate, labor saving and safe compound machinery and the

related products, and to make compound processing easier and smart.